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Excel Mortgage Loan Calculator - Excel Spreadsheet Template  


Test Drive see-below-arrow the Excel Financial Calculator Online Below:  Only enter data for the variables indicated in red:  Mortgage Loan Amount,
 Rate, Term and Extra Monthly Principal Payment.



Mortgage amortization table, payment calculator, extra payments (principal)  - dashboard (30, 15, 20, 10 year mortgage amortization)      

Whether your purchasing a house or considering refinancing a mortgage, this excel spreadsheet template online mortgage calculator, loan
calculator, and web app will help you see the interest costs associated with a home loan or mortgage, the total payments, including principal
 and interest and display an amortization table and charts.  It also has a comparison table that shows you how much interest you will save
 based on making extra principal payments.  The key information needed is the mortgage amount (loan amount), the interest rate, the term

 of the mortgage, and the amount of the additional principal payment.   The excel template create an amortization schedule that shows the
 monthly totals based on the terms of the loan and additional principal amount.



Video demonstration of Georges Excel Loan Calculator up-arrow




System Requirements:

Georges Excel Loan Calculator requires Microsoft Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, or Excel 2016 on a Windows PC.
Georges Excel Loan Calculator requires Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011, 2016 on a Mac Computer.

By purchasing the software you agree with the License Terms.



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